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Top 3 Best Chest Workouts for Mass

Top 3 Best Chest Workouts for Mass

What are the top 3 chest workouts for mass building? You won’t believe the number of times people have asked me some variation of this question. Well, the chest is interesting since it is the second largest muscle group in the upper body and plays an ancillary role in many upper body exercises, especially the arms. For these reasons, building a strong chest will go a long way towards making you look bigger.

The most important thing to know about the chest is the fact that it is composed of two primary muscles, the pectoralis major and pectoralis minor. In order to build a bigger chest, both muscles need to be targeted and developed together. That is why the top 3 chest workouts for mass below contain a mix of compound, upper and lower chest workouts to target all aspects of your chest. If any part of your chest is lagging, try these top 3 chest workouts and watch as those trouble areas begin to show signs of improvement.

Best Chest Workouts for Mass 1: Barbell Bench Press

Due to a number of excellent reasons, the barbell bench press is by far the most popular and effective chest building exercise for putting on mass. This is the undisputed king of chest workouts. A great thing about the bench press is the fact that you can vary the muscles being targeted by changing your hand locations on the bar. A close grip will recruit your triceps while a wide grip will place more emphasis on your chest. A medium grip will recruit the triceps, chest and shoulder muscles and is considered the ultimate pec-building grip.

When performing a repetition, make sure to keep your back flat against the bench and move the weight at a steady pace. If the bar bounces off your chest, consider lowering the weight so you can control it better through the entire motion. Check out the following video for an example of good bench press form.


Best Chest Workouts for Mass 2: Dumbell Bench Press

This exercise is just like the first one but incorporates the use of dumbbells rather than a barbell. Dumbbells allow you to recruit secondary, stabilizer muscles that are not usually trained during barbell exercises. These stabilizers allow you to keep the weight steady and add a balance component to the traditional bench press. Another reason the dumbbell bench press comes in at #2 is because it allows you to move the weight along a path that more closely follows the intended function of the pecs by not only pressing but also by moving the weight toward the midline of your body.

Check out this video to see proper dumbbell bench press form.

Best Chest Workouts for Mass 3: Incline/Decline Barbell Bench Press

The incline and decline barbell bench press are both, equally, the third most important chest workouts for mass you should incorporate into your weight lifting program. The incline press allows you to focus more of the resistance on your upper chest while the decline press allows you to target your lower chest.

Here are two more videos to show you proper form.

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