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Neck Workouts for Mass

Neck Workouts for Mass

Over the past few months, I have received a lot of questions about building a bigger, thicker neck. For some reason, people have this notion that they need to do specific neck workouts for mass in order to achieve the purely cosmetic look they want. So, let me start off by saying that is wrong and not even close to the way you should view or approach neck training.

A strong neck is definitely necessary in some high contact sports like football and wrestling. If you play these sports, don’t listen to the following advice. However, if your goal is purely cosmetic, aka bodybuilding, then there is no reason to do neck workouts with the goal of putting on mass. Neck workouts are meant to build strength for physical activity and prevent injury. They won’t add mass to your neck and give you the bigger and thicker look you are searching for. I still advocate doing neck workouts, as long as you do them for the right reasons and understand what goals they will help achieve.

So, now that you know you don’t have to do neck workouts to get a thick neck, lets discuss the real way to get that upside down V shaped neck. Since you can’t easily add muscle directly to your neck, it all starts by properly training the muscles surrounding your neck. If you add mass to these muscles, your neck will become and look much bigger. The two most important muscles to train for this goal are the traps and shoulders.



The traps are probably the most important muscle groups to train and add mass to if you want to develop a bigger neck. The traps pretty much make up the middle of you upper back and sit right below the posterior side of your neck. A huge set of traps is the key to getting that upside down V shape. If your goal is to make your neck look thicker you can’t go wrong by training your traps. Read Top 3 Best Trap Workouts for Mass for my recommended trap exercises. Out of the 3 exercises in that article, I would probably recommend that the dumbbell shrugs should be your focus if your goal is to build a bigger neck.



Adding mass to your shoulders won’t directly influence the size of your neck area like adding mass to the traps does. However, a wider frame, created by adding mass to your shoulders, creates the illusion of a bigger neck. Check out my Top 3 Best Shoulder Workouts for Mass to get some ideas on shoulder workouts you can do.



If there was only one lift you could do to get a bigger neck, they would have to be deadlifts. Deadlifts are great because they are one of the most effective, compound exercises that targets nearly every muscle group on the posterior side of your body. This includes your upper back muscles such as your rhomboids and traps. These muscles help contribute to creating a wider body frame by adding mass to the top of your back. This inherently makes your neck look much larger and more powerful.  Try it out! Start deadlifting for strength gains and try to add more and more weight to your deadlift every other week. If your deadlift goes up, it’s pretty much a guarantee that your neck will get much bigger.

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