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Top 3 Tips for a Hardgainer Workout Routine

Top 3 Tips for a Hardgainer Workout Routine

Hardgainers are some of the most dedicated and passionate people I have seen in the gym. Every pound of muscle they gain is a direct product of months of blood, sweat and tears. However, most hardgainers are very inefficient with their workouts when they first start working out. This isn’t due to a lack of passion, but knowledge. They could vastly improve the results they were seeing in the gym just by changing a few simple aspects of their workout. These are the top 3 hardgainer workout routine tips I would suggest to improve your workouts. Read and research each one carefully and make “tweaks” where needed to help you put on more muscle and mass.

Hardgainer Workout Routine Tip 1: Train With the Right Frequency

Often times I hear hardgainers claiming they should train infrequently to gain mass since they can get overtrained very easily. So, they limit their workouts to twice a week and hope to see results. On other occasions, I see hardgainers lifting hard and heavy every day of the week because they think upping the volume will allow them to see results quicker. Unfortunately, both overtraining and undertraining will stall your results. Weight training directly influences testosterone and growth hormone levels in your body. This creates an environment within your body that promotes muscle growth. As a hardgainer, your anabolic hormone profile is probably not that great to start with. If you don’t train, you aren’t inducing changes in your body that promotes the growth of muscle. However, if you train too frequently, you aren’t giving your body time to recover, which is the where all performance and strength gains will come from. For this reason, all hardgainer workout routines should consist of at least 3-5 training sessions a week. Anything less than 3 sessions is not ideal for muscle growth and will actually be counterproductive. The most important thing to consider when designing a split is getting the correct amount of volume for each muscle. As a hardgainer, I recommend giving muscle groups 48-72 hours to recover. This typically means selecting a low-intensity full body routine 3 times a week or using a higher-intensity muscle group split 4-5 times a week.


Make sure to get in the gym as often as you can!


Hardgainer Workout Routine Tip 2: Train Progressively

This rules actually applies to anyone that steps on the gym floor with the hopes of putting on mass, regardless of whether they are easy or hardgainers. However, these problems are usually seen more frequently in beginner hardgainers. Muscle growth is induced by progressively increasing the amount of stress on them while at the gym. Without increasing the weights being used, your muscles will never adapt or grow. So, make sure to increase the weight being lifted every 2 weeks. However, don’t compensate for an increase in weight by using improper form. Being able to lift more weight using bad form won’t make you look more “badass” in the gym, it will only increase the risk of injury and fail to actually work the intended muscle groups.


You need to keep pushing yourself to lift more weight if you are serious about putting on mass

Hardgainer Workout Routine Tip 3: Use Dietary Supplements

I usually don’t advocate the use of supplements as a solution to reaching your fitness goals, but they are pretty much a necessity for hardgainers. Pre and post workout supplement use can maximize your muscle growth by giving your body what it needs exactly when it needs it the most. However, using supplements does not give you an excuse to follow a poor diet or decrease the intensity of your workouts. The use of supplements should only be viewed as a tool, not a shortcut.

For more information on what supplements to incorporate in to your workout routine read Hardgainer Supplements



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Have any questions, feedback or think i left a hardgainer workout routine tip out of the list? Leave me a comment below. I would love to hear from you!

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