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Best Arm Workout for Mass

Best Arm Workout for Mass

Everyone wants huge arms. But getting huge arms takes more than just doing the best arm workouts for mass and muscle growth. There are many different aspects of training for strength and mass that are much more important than the specific exercises you incorporate into your workout program.

When I was writing this article, I was a little hesitant to just link to the articles on the best tricep and bicep workouts I had already written. I figured most people would just read the workouts and not take the time to understand some of the training principles needed to put on arm mass. But, I hope you will heed my advice and read the following articles after reading this one. But, if you prefer to just look at the workouts, here they are.

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Okay, so let’s get down to business. Arms are a tricky body part to put mass on. For one thing, they are used in pretty much every upper body workout that incorporates some type of push or pull movement This makes your arms pretty strong to begin with and even tougher to fatigue when using compound movements such as rows and presses.


Keep Everything in Perspective

You probably already know it is important to train muscle groups relative to others in order to prevent lagging muscle groups. This is a key when training for mass since some muscle groups are more complex than others and require a little extra focus in order to put on mass. Well, your arms are no different.

The mass that comprises your arms can be visualized as 1/3 biceps and 2/3 triceps. So, you should train your triceps from more angles and with slightly more intensity than your biceps if you want to add serious mass. Don’t get me wrong, you still need to train your biceps. But, some people have the habit of focusing on their biceps when trying to grow their arms when that tactic doesn’t make any sense. If your triceps make up more than 50% of your arm, shouldn’t you place more emphasis on them?

If you want to take your training even one step further, you need to understand one more aspect about the triceps. The tricep muscle group is made up of 3 different muscles: The medial, transverse and lateral. In order to adequately train your triceps, you should also make sure to hit all three heads of your triceps.


Shock Your Muscles to Induce Change

Your arms are used in pretty much every upper body exercises, especially any movement that involves a pushing or pulling movement. This is why most beginners that focus on only training with compound exercises, such as bench press and rows, also add strength and mass to their arms as a byproduct. However, by being recruited in other exercises the arms usually become extremely resistant to growth. After you reach a certain point, it becomes extremely difficult to add mass and strength to your arms. That’s why even intense arm workouts with the intent of adding mass will fail if they are done in the same manner day after day. This is where a training strategy termed muscle confusion is very useful.

Muscle confusion is a fitness concept that involves changing training methods in order to prevent plateaus and keep your muscles continually growing.  Muscles adapt to the resistance they face. So, if you use heavy weights, your muscles adapt for strength in order to sustain moving only that amount of weight and nothing more (plateau). So, by training with more weight than usual, doing more reps or sets, changing speed, decreasing rest periods, performing different exercises, or changing exercise order you can confuse your muscles as to what environment they are adapting to. Thus, they will continue to grow and respond to weight training.


Remember Good Form

Anybody with an ounce of fitness knowledge will tell you that perfect form is the most important thing anyone can learn. I bet you’ve already heard or read it somewhere already. Well, it’s true!

One common characteristic among many weight lifters is having a torso-dominant physique. This means that your chest and back are drastically stronger than your arms. So, when lifting heavy weights during an exercise that targets your arms, people without perfect form will attempt to make the movement easier by recruiting some of their chest and back muscles. This is especially true during compound movements such as close-grip bench press when you can carry the majority of the load with your chest rather than your triceps.

Another example would be when you see people swaying back and forth during standing dumbbell curls. This recruits your shoulders into the movement when you should be isolating the biceps. That’s’ why without perfect form you aren’t actually training the muscles you intended to train. Keep your body out of movements meant to target your arms and you will be able to get more out of your workouts.

Well, that’s a good start to learning how to train your arms. Make sure to keep these three concepts in mind when developing, or doing, your arm workouts. If you have any questions feel free to leave me a comment and I’ll be glad to help!


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