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Will a Weight Gaining Diet Make Me Fat?

Will a Weight Gaining Diet Make Me Fat?

After telling a hardgainer that they need to start eating 3000+ calories a day for the first time, I often hear an incredulous “But I don’t want to get fat!” This seems to be a big fear for many people starting out. They often think that they can get huge muscles just by hitting the weights hard without changing their diet. In reality, only a calorie surplus fuels growth and if you have a fast metabolism thats going to seem like a ton of calories at first. While it is true that you will certainly put on a bit of fat while massbuilding, the amount is entirely dependent on your training and diet.

One Goal at a Time Buddy…

When you are massbuilding, make getting bigger your priority and don’t worry too much about fat gain as long as you are maintaining a healthy diet. Then, when you get big enough and you start cutting, make your priority losing body fat without sacrificing all the new muscle you just put on. Too many people have the misconception that they can gain muscle while simultaneously losing fat if they just eat at maintenance calorie levels and hit the gym consistently. Although achieving both goals simultaneously may be possible for complete newbies or for short periods of time in very restrictive diet/training regiments, it is rarely ideal. Attempting to do this can cause people to waste years in the gym with very limited progress. Often, these people complain that they just aren’t genetically gifted enough to put on much muscle when in reality they just aren’t focusing on a single goal.

Figure out how to reach one goal before you stress out about the next...


Getting Fat vs. Getting Jacked

While it’s important to accept some fat gain on any massbuilding program in order to maximize effectiveness, some bodybuilders go too far. If your daily caloric surplus is made up of only pizza, doughnuts, fast-food hamburgers and french fries, I can gaurantee YOU WILL GET FAT. However, if the majority of calories come from slow-digesting carbs, lean proteins foods, and healthy fats and you are working out intensely in the gym, only a small portion of your weight gain will be fat. This doesn’t mean that you can never cheat and eat an unhealthy meal. People who attempt to be too strict on their diets actually have lower success rates, so just make sure you make good choices 90% of the time. Believe me when I say that losing a little extra fat afterwards will be far easier than putting on muscle in the first place. Massbuilding is the fun part of improving your physique, so make sure you hit your calorie totals each day, use an appropriate massbuilding workout routine, and don’t stress too much about a little body fat gain. If you stick to this plan for 3-4 months, you will find yourself a lot closer to “jacked” than fat.

Understand what you are putting into your body if you don't want to get fat!


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